Pedagogy & Assessments

A Unique pedagogy designed objective to Tell-Show-Check-Do:

A. RTAs : Real Time Assessments
1. Tell (Theory sessions at the Academy) - **
2. Show (Showcase of Best in class examples at the Academy) - **
(* for curiosity i.e. questions and interactivity during the above 2 sessions)
3. Check (Evaluation: Knowledge Check from Tell & Show) – Online Tests
Do (Evaluation: Practical's based on a Challenge) – Presentations+1 week Saturday30%60%
Final evaluation at the end of Term/Level40%

Enjoy the Alphabet Media Academy’s Unique Advantage and take the BIG Leap

  1. Guaranteed employment on graduation for Top 10 graduands (Diploma - PGDMM) in leading Media Advertising Agencies in Nigeria, registered with MIPAN.
  2. 6 months Internship with MIPAN registered leading Media Advertising Agencies as part of Diploma - PGDMM.
  3. Exposure to the most reputable practitioners of Marketing, Marketing Communications and Media Advertising during special industry sessions as part of the curriculum.
  4. Faculty is made of leading active Professionals – local & international backgrounds.
  5. Lectures and Masterclasses are held in a world-class learning center environment.
  6. Foreign Study Trip for Diploma - PGDMM students, designed as part of the standard curriculum.
  7. Certification from APCON (for Diploma - PGDMM)

Core Faculty

Comprising of Dean, 5 Vertical Leads and Supporting Faculty

External Faculty

Active involvement and guest lectures from visiting faculty