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At Alphabet Media Academy, our core values are:

• Professionalism
• Character – Integrity/Reliability
• International Standard
• Sought after



Alphabet Media Academy was launched on February 20, 2018. The idea was conceived since 2014 but was finally registered on 11 July 2016 as ALPHABET MEDIA ACADEMY LIMITED.

AMA is a unique project borne out of the ingenuity of the promoters. A gap analysis initiated by them revealed the deficiencies in the skill sets of current middle management staff of Media Independents quite clearly. Instructively therefore, our young managers couldn’t be global players and would in a competitive situation, be completely dwarfed by their counterparts from other regions of the world.

This concept was thought out by a threesome Media Advertising professionals who met in 2014 to advance the profession to an enviable level and in a sustainable way, was to refine the quality of training available to our colleagues on the field with a commitment to continually upscale same in line with global standards.

AMA is therefore a project ‘For the Industry, by the industry’ as both the Board of Directors led by a veteran in the industry, Mr. Vincent Oyo, and the faculty members are all Advertising industry related people.


To provide a Post Graduate Media Advertising Training for New Entrants approaching the Media Advertising profession and Young Executives already working in the Industry.

To train students who would like to improve their current employment while others would be trained to be ‘employable’ and the Academy shall assist them in job placement with prospective employers.

To contribute to the Ecosystem by providing a constant flow of trainees/students who are well-trained with hands-on practical experience.

Board of Directors

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