All Media Product Survey, Releases its Latest Survey 2017

The latest AMPS (All Media Product Survey) for 2017 was released in February 2018, for which the fieldwork was done in July – October 2017, this is one of the key syndicated researches for Media Advertising Industry which has been in operations for years and covers all 36 states + Abuja (Urban, Semi-urban & Rural) in Nigeria, with a sample size of 21,230, covering respondent who are 15+ years as well as Children (age 7-14), with a ratio of 85:15.  The data collection technique is Hand-Held Assisted Personal Interview (HAPI), using Android 4.0+ Smartphone with Face-to-face in-home personal interviews.


AMPS as it is commonly known by most in the Media Advertising Industry as well as Marketing & Communication Industry, is a research that helps get an in-depth understanding of Demographics, Media, Consumers, Categories, Products, Brands, Services, Lifestyle, etc.  More important it is an ongoing annual survey which has been operational consistently for years and it captures the changes in Consumer Behavior that changes constantly.  The latest AMPS release has few new additions in terms of Media Behavior – not just in terms of hardware but also Digital Television; similarly, in terms of Services – Shopping, Banking and Travel has been further enhanced; In terms of New Product Categories that have been added are Shaving Gels/Clippers, Pasta and few more Alcoholic Brands.


In terms of Media Consumption as per the latest AMPS, Television has increased to 96% (+2), Radio has increased to 97% (+1), Outdoor has been stable at 97%, Newspaper has decreased to 65% (-1), Magazine has decreased to 57% (-4), Cinema has decreased to 27% (-2) and Internet has increased to 56% (+2).


At the Alphabet Media Academy, you not only get access to this tool in terms of hands-on experience but will be guided by the Vertical Lead and Core Faculty for Media on usage, applicability and how this tool can enable professionals in the Media Advertising Industry in Nigeria to overcome Brand Challenges and Deliver on Objectives.


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