Media Advertising Industry launches Alphabet Media Academy in Nigeria

Alphabet Media Academy, first of its kind which is by the ‘Industry’, for the ‘Industry’ was launched by the Media Advertising Industry in Nigeria.  You can visit now.


Alphabet Media Academy introduces the flagship Post Graduate Programme in Media Management, with two specialized courses:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Media Management (PGCMM) – 10 Weekends
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Media Management (PGDMM) – 23 Weekends

Lectures commence from April 21, 2018 at Grange School, Ikeja in Lagos on Saturday – Full day from 10 am to 5 pm, with 1 hour of break & Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm.


Objectives of Alphabet Media Academy:

  • To provide a Post Graduate Media Advertising Training for New Entrants approaching the Media Advertising profession and Young Executives already working in the Industry.
  • To train students who would like to improve their current employment, while others would be trained to be ‘employable’ and the Academy shall assist them in job placement with prospective employers.
  • To contribute to the Ecosystem by providing a constant flow of trainees/students who are well-trained with hands-on practical experience.


Alphabet Media Academy’s Unique Advantage for students to take the BIG leap…

  1. Guaranteed employment on graduation for Top 10 graduands (Diploma) in leading Media Advertising agencies in Nigeria.
  2. 6 months Internship with leading Media Advertising Agencies as part of Diploma program.
  3. Exposure to the most reputable practitioners of Marketing, Marketing Communications and Media Advertising during special industry sessions as part of the curriculum.
  4. Faculty is made of leading active Professionals – local & international backgrounds.
  5. Lectures and Masterclasses are held in a world-class learning center environment.
  6. Foreign Study Trip for students designed as part of the standard curriculum (for Diploma – PGDMM).

AMA is by the ‘Industry’, for the ‘Industry’ as both the Board of Directors led by a veteran in the industry, Mr. Vincent Oyo, and the faculty members are all Media Advertising industry related and Active Practitioners.  Our Key Academic Resource Persons are:

  • Professor Lai Oso, is the Director at Alphabet Media Academy. Professor Lai Oso is a Professor of Mass Communication School of Communication, Lagos State University.
  • Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu, is the Dean of Alphabet Media Academy. Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu is a Senior Fellow at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos.  Dr. Bel-Molokwu was Registrar/Chief Executive (Director General) of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) from 1994 to 2005

Our website, besides being a public facing website, is an online portal for the Student & Faculty, whereby:

  • Students can register, pay, take assignment, submit all assignment, check results, etc.
  • While the faculty can upload Course materials, Evaluate submissions, etc.

Lagos | February 20, 2018


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